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Shake Your Soul and Let Your Yoga Dance for EveryBody!
Have fun, move to great music, and feel good in your body!
This body-spirit-fitness program combines elements of Shake Your Soul® and Let Your Yoga Dance® to reconnect us with our bodies and the joy of movement, with a basic fitness program of gentle cardio for strength, flexibility, and balance.

With exciting world music and clear guidance, you will explore movements, music, and dances from around the world.

Experience a reconnection with the joy of dance. Feel your aliveness. Within the structure of the class, you will find the freedom to explore and to express, and increase your joy, power and grace.

Adaptations will be offered so that all ages and abilities benefit and have fun!

Dates: Fridays, January 4 - 25, 2019, 10-11:00 am
Location: Rockland Library, Community Room, 80 Union St, Rockland 
Register: 207-594-0310

Next session TBA:
Swing into Fitness
This fitness class combines the best of all worlds:
  • cool moves from authentic swing dance,
  • elements of Shake Your Soul and Let Your Yoga Dance to reconnect us with our bodies and with the joy of dance, and
  • a basic fitness program that gives a gentle cardio workout, while increasing strength, flexibility, and balance.
Featuring the best of swing, jazz and world music!

Belfast Dance Studio, 109 High Street, Belfast, Maine